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Proximity Download

Proximity download
Exploit: Proximity
Downloads: 24

About Proximity Injector:

The Proximity Injector stands out as a powerful and innovative tool, providing gamers with unique capabilities to enhance their gameplay experience. It allows players to inject DLL files into the game's process and modify game functions, such as wall hacks, aimbots, and more.

Key Features:

The Proximity tool is used in the gaming community to modify games and gain an advantage. Here's a closer look at its features: 

It supports all major games and works on all versions of Windows. 

The tool has an intuitive, smooth interface and is easy to use. 

The executor is undetectable by most anti-cheat software. 

It has a built-in anti-ban feature that ensures that users won't get caught. 

It supports automatic updates, so users always have the latest version.

How to Install:

See how to install the exploit injector: 

1) Download Proximity software from a trusted website. 

2) Extract the downloaded files to a folder on your desktop. 

3) Run the files freely as an administrator. 

4) Choose the game you want to modify from the list of supported games. 

5) Click on the "Add DLL" button and pick the DLL file you want to inject. 

6) Click on "Inject" to start the injection process. 

7) Launch the game and enjoy your new features.


Q: Is Proximity Executor safe to use? 

A: Yes, it is safe to use as long as it is downloaded from a trusted source and used responsibly. 

Q: Can the executor be detected by anti-cheat software?

A: While the tool is undetectable by most anti-cheat software, it is not foolproof. Use it at your own risk. 

Q: What DLL files can I inject with Proximity? 

A: It supports most DLL files, but it is recommended to use only trusted and verified DLL files. 

Q: What should I do if I encounter issues with Proximity Injector?

A: If you encounter any issues with it, try updating to the latest version virus-free or contacting the developer for support.